Affordable Tree Service in St. Pete FL.

Need tree service in St. Pete, Fl? Call us! We are a licensed & insured tree service company in St.Petersburg, Florida. We do tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, storm removal and more. Call for a FREE Estimate.

Tree Service in St. Petersburg, FL.

Tree service in St Petersburg Fl

St. Petersburg, Florida is a beautiful city that offers a great backdrop of beaches, parks, and greenery. Maintaining trees and outdoor spaces is crucial to preserving that beauty and improving the quality of life for local residents. Fortunately, the people of St. Petersburg have the St. Pete Tree Experts, the city’s leading tree service company, to depend on for all their tree care needs.

With over 20 years of experience, St. Pete Tree Experts has established a reputation as the best in the business. Their unmatched expertise, passion for their craft, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have earned them numerous accolades, including being recognized as the leading tree service company in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you’re looking for outstanding, affordable tree service in St. Pete, Fl? Look no further then St. Pete Tree Experts. We are a fully licensed and insured tree service company in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. We have the highest trained professionals and latest equipment to complete any tree trimming or tree removal, from small residential yards to larger commercial jobs, we have your tree service covered.

Tree Care St. Petersburg, Florida

Strong, healthy trees are a beautiful addition to any property. Not only are they enjoyable to look at, they also provide excellent shade from the sun, make a “natural” playground for children, and can even keep cooling costs lower in your house by shielding it from harsh sunlight. Our trees are an excellent way to enhance ours properties and make them more beautiful, but they do need occasional care like all other plants to make sure they are healthy and live as long as possible. Whether you have one large tree, many smaller trees, old trees, citrus trees, or any other type of tree, proper care for them is important. Proper care means having your trees trimmed or maintained during the year as well as making sure they get water to grow. This will ensure your trees stay healthy and strong.

Tree Trimming St Pete.

Tree trimming in St. Pete involves removing any dead or dying branches that could fall as well as branches that are overhanging the house or another building, growing too close to a power line, or those that are otherwise a hazard. Tree trimming can be done to let more light reach below the tree to help grass or flowers grow and can improve the aesthetics of the tree. When it’s time to trim a tree, it’s vital to know what your doing, how to trim the tree and to be careful so there are no injuries and the property isn’t damaged by the work or limbs as they come down. Our tree service team is experienced in tree trimming, so we know which branches to trim, how to trim them and how to make sure there are no issues while the trimming is done. We get the job done safely, quickly, and correctly.

Henry Yuri Rodrigues De Sousa
Henry Yuri Rodrigues De Sousa
April 16, 2023.
Whenever I need tree work done, I always call this company first because I know the staff will get the job done efficiently and professionally.
David Murphy
David Murphy
March 26, 2023.
I would definitely recommend this company for their fantastic tree trimming skills and services. The staff was very kind and helpful, and the work they do is just great.
Rena Dancy
Rena Dancy
March 13, 2023.
I hired this business to take care of a tree removal at my property. I was extremely impressed by their professionalism and expertise. They were on time and completed the job quickly and efficiently. On top of that, they even went the extra mile to ensure that everything was done properly and safely. I would highly recommend this business for any tree removal needs!
Virginia Brock
Virginia Brock
February 25, 2023.
We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out, especially given the quality of care provided by this group. They had reasonable prices, and they even performed some more work without charging extra for it. These come with our highest recommendation.
Marilyn McKenzie
Marilyn McKenzie
February 21, 2023.
I would highly suggest this business for their exceptional tree trimming abilities and services; the personnel was really kind and helpful, and the job they produce is simply excellent.
Letitia Tate
Letitia Tate
February 14, 2023.
I hired this company to come and trim my trees. They came out on time and did a very good job. I'm glad I had them come out to cut the trees down, they took a lot less time than I was expecting.
Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant
February 6, 2023.
I would absolutely hire this tree service again because they had extremely reasonable prices and the work was completed quickly and expertly.
Robert Munoz
Robert Munoz
December 23, 2022.
I will without a doubt utilize this tree service again after we hired them to remove a tree for us. They finished the job in under three hours.
Darlene Wilson
Darlene Wilson
December 20, 2022.
I would highly recommend this business because I was pleased with the tree removal they did for me. I always felt that this service was on my side.
Francisco Brown
Francisco Brown
December 19, 2022.
The level of service we got from this employees beyond our expectations, and we are very grateful. Although they performed more work at no additional fee, their charges were reasonable. We wholeheartedly support them.

Tree Removal St. Pete FL.

Tree removal St. PeteSometimes, despite the best efforts to save a tree, it will need to come down. That’s when you call a tree removal service in St. Pete, Fl. When this happens, care needs to be taken to bring the tree down in a way that won’t damage the property or cause any injuries. Depending on the height of the tree, this may mean taking it down in sections instead of all at once. Our team prioritizes safety during all tree removals to prevent injures and to keep the rest of your property safe as the tree is removed. We are licensed and insured, with an outstanding safety record for tree removals. Once the tree is removed, there is generally a stump that is left behind. At St. Pete Tree Service, we can help remove the stump in one of two ways. We can grind them down and away or dig them out completely. Grinding the stump down is the most common way tree companies do it.

Why Hire St. Pete Tree Experts?

It doesn’t seem difficult to use a chainsaw to trim or remove a tree, but there is a lot that can go wrong. The branches may not fall the way you expect them to, which could lead to injuries or damaged property. It can be difficult to safely use a chainsaw while on top of a ladder, and using a ladder incorrectly can lead to serious injuries. When a tree is being removed, it’s possible for the tree to fall in an unexpected direction. If that happens, it could cause serious injuries or significant damage to the property. Instead, to keep yourself and the property safe, it’s best to leave tree trimming and removal projects to the professionals at St. Pete Tree Removal. We have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done safe, fast and affordably. Plus we are licensed and insured for your protection. Call us today!

Does My Tree Need to be Removed or Trimmed?

It can be hard to tell if a tree needs to be removed or if properly trimming the tree can help. The tree may be growing too close to the home, but it may be able to be trimmed so it isn’t so close, and the tree won’t need to be removed. If, however, the tree is starting to damage the home because of how close it is, removal might be necessary. If there are a lot of branches that are dying or a falling branch could pose a safety risk, the better option may be to remove the tree. However, if the tree is not hazardous and is not dying, saving it may be the better option. Our team can let you know whether the tree needs to be removed or if trimming can keep it in good shape, so you don’t have to wonder what your options are.

Factors that go into the cost of tree service in St. Petersburg, FL.

There are many factors that go into the cost of trimming or removing a tree. The location of the tree influences the cost determination of tree removal, if it is situated near electric lines or near a structure, the rate will be higher as it needs to avoid the expected danger caused by the power line or any structure damage that may happen while trimming or removing the tree.

The height of the tree also determines the cost of tree service or removal; if the tree is taller, the risk of trimming or removal is higher. More time and care is involved to have proper care done.

The diameter of the tree can also be a factor. Very large base trees sometimes involve using a crane to remove, as they are too big to pick up without it.

The type of tree is another factor that decides the cost of trimming or removing a tree. Trees grow differently base on the type of tree they are and some require more time to trim or remove. 

For whatever type of tree you have, or the location of your tree, you are welcome to give us a call. We are very knowledgeable on trees and offer FREE Estimates if you do need work.

A little history about St. Petersburg, Florida.

St. Petersburg was founded in 1888 by John C. Williams, who purchased the land, and by Peter Demens who brought the railroad industry into the area.12 A coin toss bet was held between Williams and Demens to name this newly formed community. Demens won the bet and subsequently named the land after Saint Petersburg, Russia. Williams was then granted the right to name the first hotel built (which he named the Detroit Hotel). Both named their winnings after their personal hometowns. St. Petersburg was incorporated as a town on February 29, 1892 and re-incorporated as a city on June 6, 1903.

St. Petersburg is the fifth-largest city in Florida and the second-largest city in the Tampa Bay Area, after Tampa, with plenty of places to visit. Together with Clearwater, these cities comprise the Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area, the second-largest in Florida with a population of around 2.8 million.

 Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) 
The TCIA is a trade association of various commercial tree care firms. This website includes information for both the tree care industry and the consumers. 
The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) 
ISA is an organization of arborists, including people in research, government, and in commercial arboriculture. This site carries journal abstracts, bulletin boards, and other information that would interest mostly tree care professionals. 
The National Arbor Day Foundation 
National Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization with nearly a million members. They provide more than 8 million trees for planting throughout America every year. 
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